16 March 2021

Draft Plan Submitted to LCC for Examination

Draft Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Plan Submission for Examination

The draft Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Plan, prepared by Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Forum, has been submitted to Leeds City Council for independent examination.  It is the Council’s duty to arrange a 6 week publicity of the plan proposal and to organise an independent examination and referendum.

The Plan Proposal

The plan proposal sets out a vision for the future of Oulton and Woodlesford and includes planning policies that will help Leeds City Council to determine planning applications in the neighbourhood area.


In accordance with Paragraph 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Forum has submitted the draft Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Plan along with associated documents to Leeds City Council.  In accordance with Paragraph 16 of the same regulations the Council is now publicising the plan proposal and seeking comments on the contents of the plan. The publicity period is for a period of 6 weeks and runs between Tuesday 16th March and Tuesday 27th April (closing at 5pm).

The submission documents can be accessed from the Leeds City Council website: https://www.leeds.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/neighbourhood-planning/oulton-and-woodlesford-neighbourhood-plan

The submission documents are:

      -        Draft Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Plan

-        Neighbourhood Area Map

-        Consultation Statement

-        Consultation Statement Appendices

-        Basic Conditions Statement

-        SEA-HRA Screening Report

-        HRA Screening Report Update


How to make comments

If you wish to make comments on the plan, these must be made in writing.  You are encouraged to use the online survey to respond to the consultation: https://surveys.leeds.gov.uk/s/OWReg16/. Alternatively you can respond by email at: npsupport@leeds.gov.uk.

If you would like to discuss the neighbourhood plan over the phone with a member of the LCC Neighbourhood Planning Team, please contact us at npsupport@leeds.gov.uk or 0113 37 87997 to make arrangements.

Representations are to be submitted by Tuesday 27th April (5pm).

Next Steps

Leeds City Council will collate the representations and pass them onto the Independent Examiner who will assess whether the plan proposal meets the Basic Conditions and can proceed to referendum.

Representations may include a request to be notified regarding Leeds City Council’s decision under Regulation 19 (Decision on a plan proposal) to make the submitted neighbourhood development plan for Oulton and Woodlesford.

Please be aware that all comments received will be publicly available on the City Council website.