15 November 2016

HS2 Revised Route

News this morning of revisions to the route make better reading for The Locks and The Maltings, but still a significant impact on Woodlesford and our surrounding greenbelt...

Overview Map

Fleet Lane Map (HS2 site error: original copy here)

Woodlesford Map

Main Line Map

Announcement 1

Announcement 2

Detailed description (pages 64/65)

Property Consultation

Summary: branch line 230km/h over M62, track height over Methley Lane 9m, steep dive into cutting under Fleet Lane, into 1 mile long tunnels, main line continues at 360km/h north on 29+m high 2.2km long viaduct - highest visual and biodiversity impact ratings!

The map above shows the approximate route of the main and branch lines, the tunnel section in orange and viaduct in yellow.

For detailed maps please use the links above.