3 October 2015

Have your say: LCC Site Allocation Plan

We will then be holding an Open Meeting at the Outlon Institute on Sunday October 25th 1.30 - 3.30pm where we will be collecting input for the Forum's response to LCCs proposed housing plans for our area.

Leeds City Council recently publish their "draft" housing site allocation plans. For our area (Outer South) there are a staggering 2,600 new homes proposed of which 737 are located within Oulton and Woodlesford - most on green belt land, and on land designated as special interest!

This is extremely disproportionate not only to the current size of our settlement, but also by comparison to the allocations for the rest of the Leeds area.

Please take the time to review the published information and respond to the consultation before 16 November. You may also want to write to our local Councillors and MP to ask for their support in protecting our green belt and village character.

Please also check their interactive map and be sure to select the "SAP - Discounted Sites" layer from the top right menu. Not only should we comment on their currently proposed sites, but also those that may be placed on the list in the future, or to replace those that are removed following objections.

LCC held a consultation session on 16th October at Blackburn Hall, Rothwell. If you missed it check their other dates and venues.